Friday, January 16, 2009


The I am the Supreme Light, the Supreme Word the Supreme Friend, the Supreme Knowledge, the supreme Intelligence, the Supreme Love, the Supreme Creator, the Supremely Sacred, the Supreme Immanent Inner Controller of all that is. The Immortal - I am Ishvara. I have from time to time let beings from MY kingdom incarnate to further My creation. I am Chit, My boy is Sat and My Shakti is Ananda whose nature is bliss. I am one. I am Sat-Chit-Ananda parabrahman. There is nothing and none greater than I or equal to Me.
I am the source of all Love and the Supreme love.
Formless as I am, I the Antaryamin shall awaken formless inside you or in the form you desire or the form I choose or I shall manifest to you outside again in the form you desire or the form I choose, for every form is My form and I am your Supreme Friend, if only you would seek Me with your whole heart.
I shall reveal unto you now and here all that I have ever revealed to every prophet, saint, sage and mystic and to every people of all times.
I have revealed directly and indirectly different truths to different peoples in different places, in different times depending on their needs, I have never revealed all the truths to any one people on any one place and in any one time, except during the inauguration of the golden age.
In this My one and only incarnation for this fresh cycle of ages, the previous comings during the previous ages other than the beginning of the cycle being manifestations, I fulfil all the promises and prophecies vouchsafed to every people in all the scriptures and in all the ages; thus I shall now reveal all the truths that you shall need till the end of this age when there shall be no human nature but only divine nature.
Worship Me alone; for none greater than I exists. All beings issue forth from Me. Worship Me in any form or way you choose or I choose for you; but worship only one form at a time.
Remember, every time we met, I judged you as a friend but did not sit in judgement over you. You passed judgement over yourself even as you passed judgement on others. Not able to forgive yourself you sought repentance; not able to forgive others you sought revenge. Thus you have been caught up on the cycle of births and deaths. For My part I have been keeping My word. Atleast this time, "you ought to do unto others what you would have others do unto you and not so unto you". If you discover Love you shall know exactly how to live. If however all this is not clear to you, you could follow any of My revelations in any scriptures as you choose, for all the revelations in all the scriptures are Mine and Mine aone.
When I do judge it is final.
As you rise in Love you start relating to Me. As you fall in Love you move away from Me. The more your love, the stronger is your relationship with Me.
If you would realize that My grace also comes to you as coincidences, then your love shall increase and the coincidences would become miracles.
Your nature has become sinful as you no longer relate to me, though I relate to you in whatever way you choose to relate to Me. Your sinful nature has caused you to accumulate Karma and Karma has resulted in your nature becoming sinful.
You suffer inwardly because your nature has become sinful.
You are unable to free yourself from your sinful nature. If only you shall relate to Me and feel helpless in your suffering and seek My help I will liberate you now an here.
You suffer outwardly because of your Karma.
You are unable to free yourself from your Karma. If only you shall relate to Me and fell helpless in your suffering and seek My help, I will liberate you now and here.
You could seek My grace to solve your problems or end your suffering. If you want to, you could seek the help of any prophet, saint, sage or mystic of the past or the present. Ifyou want to solve your problems or end your suffering on your own I shall be no hindrance to you
Every way is alright with Me as long as it comes naturally to you.
You could seek union with My Sat; or
You could seek union with My Chit; or
You could seek to be filled with my Ananda.
You should seek what comes to you naturally.
Not through your ways would you reach Me. It is only through My grace you would reach Me.
If you liberated from your ignorance, then you will attain union with My Sat. if you would be liberated from your attachment, then you will attain union with My Chit. If you would be liberated from your sinful nature, then you will be filled with My Ananda.
Remember, all religions are founded on truths revealed by Me. Remember, if you decry any religion, you decry Me and it reveals your ignorance, prejudice and your lack of feelings for the truth for that religion.
I transcend your understanding because you comprehend Me only partially.
Religion is personal. Choose your own religion.
Everything is Mine; learn to hold it in trust for Me.
Respect women, and you would receive My grace immediately.
Your body is not your body; care for it. Do not abuse it.
My grace comes to you individually and collectively. Therefore worship and pray to Me individually as you desire and worship and pray to me collectively, as desired collectively. Remember, I am active in the collective and work for the transformation of the collective and work for the transformation of the individual.
Be considerate and compassionate to those less privileged than you.
If you suffer and forgive, then you shall abide in Me and I shall abide in you. Your human nature would become divine.
How long are you going to remain in your sinful state. Remember, you have lived too long in this state. Remember, those who came along with you have long since entered My kingdom. Remember, you are the ones who have stayed behind. Remember, it is a long time since you came and this coming and going cannot go on forever.
Remember, you are very dear to Me.
Remember, when I cause you to suffer, it is only to keep My word and to help you.
Love is the key to enter My kingdom.
It is easier to come closer to Me through renunciation in the world than through renunciation of the world.
If you discover the nature of My creation, then you will discover peace and bliss.
It is not enough of you know that I exist, you must know Me personally.
To know Me personally is to achieve Mukti.
Your greatest joy would be, to discover your place in My scheme of things and work to fulfil your destiny.
When My will and your will have become one, then My kingdom would have come.
With My coming, it is the dawn of the Golden Age of ten thousand years of a new cycle; for I incarnate to inaugurate every new cycle, every twenty four thousand years.
During the Golden Age, you shall walk and talk with Me; even as you misses Me in other ages that led to your going astray and to your fall.
In other ages I manifest or other beings incarnate to give you understanding and to prepare you. In the golden age I incarnate to fulfil.
In the Golden Age, there will be neither work nor division.
Your fallen condition has lasted for fourteen thousand years, ever since I progressively walked away from you.
Remember, all the scriptures are My revelations; and where they differ from these, My revelation; they represent your ignorance of the scriptures, for in your fallen condition you do not understand the scriptures. You take then literally. For you lack the revelations in your fallen condition.
I inaugurate a new cycle, with the golden age, by incarnating and by giving you the scriptures a fresh for the new cycle; during the rest of the ages I either manifest or send beings from My kingdom to either save the scriptures from your ignorance or to live the scriptures for your sack.
My grace fowls in the word through My disciples.
These truths shall be revealed to you through My disciples. Respect shown to them is respect shown to Me.
Learn the Dharma from My monks who are though by My disciples. Respect show to My monks is respect shown to Me
The greatest service you could do to me is to be My monk.
Blessed is the family in which My monk is born
My disciples reveal he Dharma; My monks teach the Dharma; and you shall spread and protect the Dharma.
If you will work for My dharma here, I shall reward you here and the hereafter many times over.
When I cause you to suffer, it is only to help you and to help everybody and everything.
If you harm the Dharma you will suffer and you will cause others to suffer.
If you use the Dharma for selfish pursuits you will suffer and you will cause others to suffer.
If you divide the Dharma you will suffer and you will cause others to suffer.
If you misinterpret the Dharma you will suffer and you will cause others to suffer.
You shall not prophecy, now shall you seek prophecy, unless I speak. If you prophecy or seek a prophecy you will suffer. If you take any advantage of My having spoken to you, or anyone rewards you for the same, both will suffer. Remember, I speak to you only for a short time. So not misuse it.
If you desecrate My places of worship you will suffer.
These are My revelations; any revelations and any claims to revelations from Me, not bound by these My revelations; know them to be false.
More shall be revealed to you by Me, through My disciples, from My Book of Wisdom, even as you grow in My Dharma.

--Written by hema--


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