How Does One Develop Listening

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good listening has important value and can be learned and improved to yield enormous benefits. It takes effort but everyone can and should learn to do it.

• The first thing is to know a simple fact that when you are talking, you are not listening. Become aware of the constant urge to talk and then you would automatically move into the listening mode.

• Maintain eye contact with the person you are listening to. No matter how trivial you feel the matter may be, it is vital that you pay full attention to the other. The constant chattering of a child may be irritating to the parent, but in the perspective of the child it would account to how much the parent loves her.

• As you are speaking to the person, become aware of the constant chattering of your mind, the judgement, the labeling, the perceptions that you hold. See how harmful they are, see how they are destroying your relationships, and in turn destroying you. As you see the harmful nature of labeling, it would automatically lose charge. Listening would then happen to you.

• Sri Bhagavan says; don't try to practice listening, only become aware that you are not listening. In the awareness listening would be a happening.

• Ultimately, if all this does not work, seek for GRACE. Amma and Bhagavan are here to help you move into a state of listening, where your mind would no longer interfere in any experience.

All past perceptions would be rendered charge less, every experience would be new and fresh.


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