What are the Core Content of 'The Breakthru'

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Core Content of 'The Breakthru'

The entire program revolves around 8 Breakthrus;

finally landing you into a state of breakthrough from where you can create your choice realities and steer life in the direction you want.

Breakthru 1

Orientation and the knowledge of the universal secret.

You get to understand the forces in consciousness and create your destiny.

Breakthru 2

The Success Mantra-Is the secret to success 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration?

Are there any other factors beyond these?

Get to know them.

Breakthru 3

Unravelling the roots of the destructive lower conscious.

Healing hurts.

Setting right relationships with your parents.

Creating the possibility of prosperity.

Breakthru 4

We beget many things- ideas, visions, and organisations also children.

Is there a way to ensure a great future for our children by
making simple yet beautiful little changes in our lives?

Learn the as yet unknown secrets of parenting.

Breakthru 5

We can do better than managing our spousal relationships.

We can relish and enjoy them and be replenished and rejuvenated by them.

To create an idyllic and nourishing relationships with
your life partner traverse the 5th Breakthru.

Breakthru 6

What are the driving forces behind all our relationships and endeavours?

Be they personal or professional.

What motivates us into being our best selves and what makes us
commit some of the most shameful acts of life?

How do we create cohesion at home and at work?

How do we create great teams and be the ideal leaders?

To learn a balance between work life and personal life- learn 'The 7 Mansions'.

Breakthru 7

Our inner states create our external realities.

Civilisation, work and rat race to success have trained our
nervous systems to stress, fear, anxiety, conflict and thought burden.

Learn the breakthrough technology to shift from a Breakdown
state to a Breakthrough state.

Train your nervous system to move into a state of silence,
positivity, creativity, energy and joy.

The Breakthrough state is a source of success


Breakthru 8

Align the individual's growth with the growth of the
organisation of which he/she is a part.

Create and manifest a vision for your health, prosperity, for
your family and for humanity.

If the world creates professionals and entrepreneurs 'The Breakthru' creates successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

If the world provides partners for marriage 'The Breakthru' brings love to life.

If the world equips you with the skills for survival 'The Breakthru' helps you master living.

A journey and a destination with a difference!


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