Life is Relationships

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Relationships are like a tangled ball of wool. The more you try to disentangle them, the more entangled they become. Ramesh was at his wits ends. Life had become a tight rope act. His busy schedule barely gave him breathing time, and even the few minutes he had were spent in futile mental activity.

How do I Bring Happiness in Life?

No matter what I do my wife always has a long list of complaints. My children constantly bicker that I don't understand them, I don't give them freedom. My mother is so hostile, anybody would think I am hatching a secret conspiracy to throw her out".

Too many people lead unhappy lives just like Renuka's, due to their inability to deal with others. While they understand the importance of having successful relationships, they aren't able to do so. It is a source of tremendous frustration to a person and drains away all his energy, when in spite of his best efforts the relationship remains unresolved.

One of the core teachings of Sri Bhagavan is to set right relationships.
Sri Bhagavan says, "Life is Relationships".

Your very existence is relative to the existence of the other. Your very identity comes from you relationships. You are the son or daughter of somebody, the wife of somebody, the brother of somebody or the employee or the employer of somebody. Take away all this and there remains no identity, no person.

Also the amount of happiness experienced is directly proportional to the state of your relationships.The better your relationships, the happier you are.

A happy person is one who spreads happiness. An unhappy person only creates mischief and more often than not makes trouble for the family and society at large.


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