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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Members,

This message was sent before Nov 14th 2009, not true...

Please see the latest message from Sri Bhagavan

It has come to our attention that there are false rumors circulating about Oneness on Facebook and various social sites. These rumors are true. So that you are able to clearly address this should it come to your attention,

we are  forwarding you the letter from Sri Krishnaji below.

India, November 12th 2009
Dear Friends,

We wish to inform you that many developments that are currently underway in the Oneness University, India are being misinterpreted by some, thus creating a furor in the Oneness Family in India and worldwide. This statement is intended to provide you the clarity as well as the assurance that all of these are only progressive steps towards greater stability and growth.

It has come to my notice that there are some rumors being circulated about the 3 senior guides (Anandagiriji, Samadarshiniji, and Vimalakeerthiji) & a group of close to 25 guides leaving the Oneness Movement. This is not true.

I wish to personally assure all my friends here that the three senior guides and other guides are very much part of the Oneness Movement and are closely working with me towards bringing the Oneness teachings and programs world over. They have not violated any disciplinary codes and all allegations of any misdemeanor on their part are totally untrue.

They are very clear about their choices to work towards creating better human beings and a better world and have no intentions whatsoever of tarnishing the image of the movement or of its founders.
On our part, we wish to only continue working towards this wonderful vision of Oneness originally envisioned by Sri Amma-Bhagavan and we look forward to being and working with all of you.
I personally invite you to cast aside your fears and concerns and request that we come together to make a difference to our lives as well to those of our loved ones.
Thanking you,

Sri Krishnaji


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This was received on 12 Nov 2009 !

Sorry for wrong update.

Amma Bhagavan Sharanam

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