Second teleconference of Sri Bhagavan with the Russian Oneness Community 11/22/09

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sri AMMABHAGAVAN darshan 22 nov 2009 Moscow

с Русским переводом

QUESTION: Bhagavan, many of us are so concerned about the current economical and political situation in the world - crisis, lots of catastrophes and other destruction. Many of us are so lost and don't know what to expect from the future. So much fear around. And some time ago you were saying that the real crisis even hadn't been started yet. Would you give us some guidance, Bhagavan? What to expect and what to do?

BHAGAVAN: Could we go for the answer, German? So, in 1989 there was an energy shift. Now there’s going to be another shift of energy in 2012. Whenever there is an energy shift, or an energy shift is going to happen, the old values, old thoughts, old civilisation, will start crumbling, will start dying. Because unless there’s a death, the new can not be born. So in 2012, the new is going to take birth; new business forms, new forms of government, new forms of trade, new forms of livelihood. Something very new is going to start. If the new is going to start, the old is going to die.

Now we are caught up in this. We are experiencing that dying of all that we know. Unless that happens, the new can not be born. This dying of the old is what we are experiencing as suffering. Will you translate up to that point?

Now, we are the unfortunate people who are caught up in a situation where the old is dying, but we are also fortunate in that we are going to see the birth of a great, new age. Please translate.

The best way to handle this situation is, you must form small communities of friends and depend on each other and help out each other, depend on each other for solving material problems, depend on each other for solving emotional problems. So only through dependance on each other and a shared relationship, you will be able to handle this crisis. If you weaken on your relationships, either with your families or with your friends, it’s going to be very, very difficult. Therefore, strengthen the bond with your relations, strengthen the bond with your group of friends. Form small groups of friends, meet frequently. You could also give a blessing on those occasions and depend on each other to fight out this crisis. That is the only way you will be able to handle this coming problem. That’s the answer for the first question. You can translate.

Shall we move on to the second question, German?

QUESTION: Bhagavan, what is the role of the bond with the divine in the process. What can we do to strengthen it, the bond with you?

BHAGAVAN: See we have to make use of the Divine to sort out our problems. Like I was telling earlier, we can use solar energy for meeting our energy needs. We can use wind power to meet our energy needs. Similarly, divine energies could be harnessed to set right our financial problems, our relationship problems, our health problems and whatever other problems we have got to face. So we are trying to make use of divine energies for solving our problems. In earlier times, people were doing this. But down the years we have lost touch with the Divine and this 2012 is all about putting us back in touch with the Divine. For the Divine to respond to you, you must have a bond with the Divine, whether you look at it as Christ or Buddha or Allah or as some cosmic energy or universal energy.

You have to have a bond with it. If you do not have a bond with it, the Divine may not respond. That is why the bond is important.

For the second part of your question, where you are asking about a bond with me, it’s important that you have a good bond with your parents. If you have a good bond with your parents, you will naturally have a very good bond with me. In the same way, even with the Divine, you’ll have a very good bond if your bond with your parents is very strong. That’s why the bond is very important, then you can harness divine energies for sorting out your problems. That’s the answer for the second question. You may translate.

Shall we move on to the third question, German?

QUESTION: Bhagavan we’ve been mastering the art of experiencing the suffering to the extent when it is converted to joy, but in our daily lives it happens so rarely. Why is it? Due to the lack of concentration and energy or a weak bond with the Divine? What should we do to master this art?

BHAGAVAN: Normally, to master any of these arts you have to practice continously without a break for 21 days. If you do that for 21 days without a break, it becomes very natural to you. That is the way you start living. And how you must test it out is, suppose in the morning you’re brushing your teeth, you must be fully aware of the brush moving against your teeth and the gums. It should not be a mechanical form of brushing, which you normally do. You must be intensely aware of the brush brushing your teeth and gums. Every moment you should experience it.

Suppose you’re having a bath, it should not be done mechanically. You must feel the water flowing on the body, the sensations and what all is happening. Similarly, if you are eating, you should be completely experiencing the eating, how the food is going through your mouth, how you’re biting it. You must only be experiencing that. This also if you practice along side for 21 days, it will become very, very natural Most of our things are done habitually. We must break the habit. Like reading the morning newspaper or going for a morning walk, whatever you do in the morning or any time of the day, most of them has become a habit. We must break the habit and we must be intensely aware of what is going on and experience it.

If this also is done for 21 days, the normal things of life, not necessarily experiencing suffering, but the normal things of life, you will find there’s a complete shift in awareness. You’ll start living, not existing. Just try it out for 21 days, it will become very natural to you. You can translate now. If you have any difficulty, you can ask me in the middle, I will help you out.

Shall we move on to the next question, German?

QUESTION: How can we learn to do it consciously for 21 days?

BHAGAVAN: For example, take this simple thing of brushing the teeth. As you start brushing you would find that your thoughts have moved out somewhere, that you’re not focused on the brushing, it is thinking about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. So then what will happen is you’ll again come back to the act of brushing, again you’ll miss out, again you have to check it out. So this way, every now and then the mind will move out. It will not stay in awareness. You must discover that you’re losing awareness. If you discover you’re losing awareness, you’ll automatically come back to awareness.

Initially it will be a struggle. From first day to second day it will improve, second day to third day it will improve. If you can maintain this without a break, of course there should be no break for 21 days, you’ll discover very naturally you’ll be able to maintain awareness. If you can maintain awareness about brushing your teeth, then you can maintain awareness about having a bath or washing your face. Then you’ll be able to maintain awareness about your eating. And slowly you’ll find it becomes an awareness of what’s going on inside your mind. All that is automatic. You can start with any simple thing you want. I mentioned brushing your teeth, it can be walking, it can be waiting, it can be eating. It can be anything which has become a habit to you. If you break the habit, you’ll move into awareness. Initially it will be a little difficult, but thereafter it will become almost like child’s play. It’s difficult only in the beginning, but you must continue to be at it. That’s the answer.

You could start trying it from tomorrow itself. I will help you out.

So German, shall we move on to the next question?

QUESTION: Bhagavan, when the deeksha phenomenon just began to spread many of us used to have very strong and vivid experiences while giving or receiving deeksha, is it going to be like that again? Or perhaps it has no importance for our process?

BHAGAVAN: Right now, it has no importance for our process. Because we are now going to focus on awareness. But it will come back in a very big way in 2012. In 2012 it will be an explosion. It will come back powerfully many times over in 2012. Right now we are shutting it down because we are focusing more on awareness. In 2012 it will be all over. It’ll come back in a very big way. That’s the answer for that question.

Shall we move to the next question, German?

QUESTION: Bhagavan, in the processes our focus was put to the external success very much, as if it was a must for the internal growth to happen, is it so?

BHAGAVAN: The inner world affects the external world. The external world also affects the inner world. That was deliberately done to clear out certain internal blocks. Unless we clear those internal blocks, we can not progress spiritually. So that was one reason why we were focusing on external success. The other thing also was to sort out some of your problems, to help you with some of your problems, it was done. The other thing was to clear out internal blocks. But that is not really necessary. It was only done for a certain purpose. That’s the answer.

OK German, shall we now go for a meditation?

You could start initially with breath awareness and then move on to your body sensations and to you inner thoughts. Try to go inside yourself and try to see what’s really happening. Let us practice inner integrity. There’s always a real story behind the created story. We must try to get there. So try your best this time. Next time we’ll be able to succeed in a big way. This time we can just try it out. Once you have translated, we can start.


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