Teleconference with Florida Oneness Facilitators 11/21/09

Sunday, November 22, 2009

NEW! Audio of Sri Bhagavan's Video Teleconference with Florida Oneness Facilitators 11/21/09

"Sri Bhagavan, we all want to express our deep love and gratitude to you & Amma for your Grace in our lives and on this planet. Thank you for setting right the direction of the Oneness Movement. Many of us have been praying for a long time for the changes that are happening now. We want to offer you our full support and appreciation. AmmaBhagavan Saranam!"

These are our questions:

1. Sri Bhagavan, what could we do at this critical time to best serve the Dharma and to help facilitate the vision of AmmaBhagavan? 

2. Sri Bhagavan, what could we be doing now to help ourselves grow spiritually as quickly as possible, both as individuals & collectively as a community?

3. Sri Bhagavan, many Blessing Givers want to know when we will be able to make arrangements to come to India to be with you & Amma and to meditate with you in the Oneness Temple, do Level 3, & offer levels 1 and 2 in America?  

Thank you for your darshan, Bhagavan. We love you and Amma very much!


Appreciable effort.Thanks a lot

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